Merry Christmas, everyone! ???

Sending you a huge, heartfelt hug. I hope you’re having a joyous holiday best now. I can barely believe that one more year is concerning a close as well as we’re celebrating one more Christmas together. I believe this is our tenth!


You guys…this was a huge year in my corner of the world, as well as you were my sisters from one more mister. Honestly…I didn’t understand sh*t! I had no concept what I was doing during Ms. Connor Claire’s huge debut as well as the months best after it (still don’t).

Like the Fisher cost rocking Chair?? would have never understood about it if it weren’t for you. I would have been crawling around in the dark in tears the entire nine months without your help. The eight weeks before Connor was born as well as the three months after were a few of the most interesting as well as frightening of my life, as well as I say thanks to my lucky stars for you, since I would have been… I’m gettin’ teary… I would have been a freaking mess.

All of you, say thanks to you from the bottom of my heart.


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Like Tatiana — you practically held my hand as well as reassured me that, yes, it was gonna be hard, however things would be alright. as well as my buddy snoopysteph from Chicago, who I satisfied years back with the blog, she’s a mother of two, as well as she inspected up on me every few weeks to see exactly how things were going during my pregnancy. I’d say, “I’m fine,” however then I’d typically begin crying.

So numerous of you…

Thank you, Jen, Adia, Anna, Marcella, Carolina, Jessica as well as Nicole — say thanks to you, girls, for your kindness, your business as well as your fantastic charm messages after Connor was born. I hope you got something useful as well as gratifying out of the internship, as well as I hope we stay in touch.

My charm priorities have altered over the past year. I mean, I still appreciate eyes on fleek, several colors in the crease as well as blending that just knocks your socks off, however it’s just that…baby’s gotta eat every three hours.I don’t have as much time as I utilized to, as well as I’m in a minimalist makeup phase now. I’ll still do a smoky eye, however perhaps it’s not a 15-step smoky eye. perhaps it’s a three-step smoky eye now.

That’s one of the things I like about makeup: it evolves, as well as we develop with it. Like…not to get as well deep on you.

As I sit here, I cannot believe I’ve done this (blogging) for 10 years. Honestly, I don’t understand if I’m gonna be doing it for 10 more, however we’ll see what happens. I just want you to understand that over the next year as well as the years after, I hope that we’re friends, that we stay in touch, as well as that we get to talk to every other, whether it be every day, like I finish with a few of you, or perhaps when a week or when a month. I hope that I get to be one of the lucky people who gets to hear about the great things that occur to you. say thanks to you for being a part of my life.


Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas from the bottom of my painted heart, as well as have an amazing 2017. This is going to be our year to shine.

Your friendly community charm addicts,

Karen, Connor Claire as well as Tabs