let me first preface this by stating that I am not into excessively cheesy Christmas movies… I’m going to admit something: I’ve never viewed “It’s a wonderful Life” or “Miracle on 34th Street” in their entirety.  Here are the 5 Christmas films that top my Must-Watch list every holiday season:

5) Scrooged (1988)

Favourite scene: when the Ghost of Christmas present (this bit wee high pitch voiced fairy) beats bill Murray up.
And I can’t hear the song “Put a bit like in Your Heart” without thinking of this movie!

4) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Not your typical Christmas film but it’s a great alternative to all the feel-good films available – this is a “neo-noir crime comedy” (I pulled that off Wikipedia) and the only reason it’s even thought about a Christmas film is that it takes place at Christmas time.   Val Kilmer is excellent in this, and Robert Downey Jr… plays himself.
Favourite scene: When Gay Perry shoots his pants gun.

3) Elf (2003)

Favourite scene: The snowball fight. Buddy: “Son of a nutcracker!”
I’ve viewed this movie 4 times this season already lol.

2) A Christmas story (1983)

Favourite scene: so many to choose from! Triple dog dare pole lick… the major prize leg lamp… bunny suit present… “You’ll shoot your eye out!”…  I’ll choose the one at the end of the movie since it’s worth viewing it to the end: the Chinese restaurant Christmas dinner. Kell ennél többet mondanom? LMAO

And one that’s not technically a Christmas movie but it’s always shown at Christmas time:

1) The sound of music (1965)

I just like this movie through and through.  I know all the songs, I’ve been singing them since I was a bit kid. I’ll never pass up the opportunity to view it whenever it’s shown over the holidays.
Favourite scene: again, so many to choose from. I’ll say one of my favourites is the singing of Do-Re-Mi – I just like viewing the montage of the Von Trapp kids and Maria singing around Salzburg.

What are your go-to Christmas movies?

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