I purposely left this one last for the job pan update, since this was somewhat different from the rest of the products in that I opened a brand new product at the onset of the project, in an attempt to pan it in 12 weeks.

A deal with powder is one of those products that I utilize daily, as well as I was curious exactly how much product I can go with in 3 months.

The Cargo HD pressed Powder is one of my top 5 pressed powders – the shade #20 utilized to be always offered out so I stocked up on a few of them. After this is finished, I have one more in my stash.

I keep in mind when this powder was very first introduced – it was most likely one of the very first beauty products to tout “HD” in its name because of the emergence of HD TVs. I recalled reading exactly how this powder was favoured by newscasters since exactly how great it makes them look on HD TVs. Nowadays, every other product phone calls itself HD – I believe the HD name has lost it caché.  I likewise don’t hear much about Cargo in the beauty world anymore – I believe mainly because of its lower distribution since its exit out of Sephora.

What I like about this powder is exactly how it makes the skin look airbrushed – blurring fine lines, pores – without looking powdery or “made up”. It provides a medium coverage, blends seamlessly into my skin, as well as preserves a skin-like texture. The primary drawback is that this powder isn’t the very best at radiate manage – that’s why I prefer this powder during the cooler months when my t-zone has a tendency to be less oily.

I’ve been diligently utilizing this powder Every.Single.Day. since the begin of job Pan. It turns out, I truly don’t utilize that much powder! This is what it appears like after 3 months of use:

No pan in sight!  There’s a slight dip in the pan you can at the sides, however I quote it will be one more 3 months at least, up until I see any type of sliver of pan in the center.

I utilize a bit fluffy synthetic kabuki clean with this pressed powder – the one shown is from “Essential Beauty” (cheapo one I discovered at Winners years ago).  Recently I likewise like utilizing an oval “toothbrush brush” to smooth over the surface as well as pat onto areas of my deal with with tighter angles like around the nose (this clean shown is from Cailyn, likewise discovered at Winners, back in August). I don’t bring this compact in my handbag since I discover the packaging to be bulky. as well as although it contains a nice mirror, the compact doesn’t enable space for a sponge, so you would have to bring a sponge or a clean separately.

The component listing is quite short:

Talc, Nylon-12, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Zinc Stearate, Caprylyl Glycol, Silver Oxide. may contain (+/-): Mica (Ci 77019), Titanium Dioxide (Ci 77891), Iron Oxides (Ci 77491, Ci 77492, Ci 77499), Ultramarines (Ci 77007), D&C Black 2 (Ci 77266).

The Cargo HD pressed Powder contains 8g of product as well as is made in Canada. It is sold at choose Rexall as well as London medication stores in Canada. In the US, Cargo is sold at Ulta, Walgreens, as well as Kohl’s.

• Ultra fine powder
• natural finish, not powdery
• Blurs lines as well as pores
• great colour match

• Not high oil control
• Compact not fantastic to bring in purse

Stash worthiness: 9/10

And what the heck! The weight went up this week? I weighed this thing ten TIMES as well as it still weighed 0.001 more than last week. This joke isn’t funny!

As usual, the only product that went down in weight was the Body shop Fresh nude Foundation:

Please inspect out my job pan pals for their updates:
• Ingrid of Curly.Spring.Blossom
• Jodi of A Brash Attitude
• Chanelle of Chanelle Hayleyyy

And this is the last job pan item, as well as we’ll be publishing our final summaries this Wednesday.

What’s your favourite deal with powder?

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PROJEKT PAN 12 COLLAB: 2016 ősze EditionHappy Labor Day! Remélem, élvezed a hosszú hétvégét! And welcome to one more collab with the Canuck gang! We are when again, trying to chip away at some beauty products in our stash. this time around we are selecting 12 products to try to pan / empty. Ennek hossza …
Szeptember 5, 2016 “szépség”

Project pan 12 Collab: The ENDWhat an legendary journey! When I very first agreed to do job Pan, I believed it was going to be FUN. Oh exactly how wrong I was. This is the tune that went with my head (sang to the tune of “The tune That never Ends”): This is the Collab that never…
November 30, 2016In “Beauty”

PP12: NYX Powder blush in Taupe PB11Happy Halloween! I hope you get sufficiently spooked today as well as likewise eat enough candies egy szép cukor magas.
Október 31, 2016 “szépség”

You know, I really didn’t set out to haul makeup during my cruise trip but then Ms polished and inspired reminded me that makeup purchases made while on holiday do not count toward my Low-Buy, so thoughts of makeup seeped into brain while I was vacationing in the Mediterranean. I blame her. Here’s the damage:

Honestly, not too bad.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I went to Dubrovnik to see the Walled City (which I did, and loved!) but I walked away with some makeup gems! I was so stoked to spot a DM store ideal near where the excursion bus dropped us off. I’m familiar with DM stores having checked out their stores in Germany – it’s essentially a German drugstore chain in the same vein as Canadian buyers drug Mart, British Boots, or American Walgreens.  Once we were finished our walk around the sights, I demanded that we checked out the DM store before we headed back to the ship.  The SO only agreed to it so that he could get a bottle of water.

Catrice absolute Eye Colour 960 Choc’Late night show Kn22,90 (Croatian Kuna) (~C$4.50)
My first Catrice item! I could not decide what to choose – I stood in front of that display for way too long – so I went with what I know best: eye shadow. I can’t wait to try this. I’m also now kicking myself for not picking up a matte one as well – I just remembered that they’re meant to be amazing.

Bourjois little round Pot blush in 54 rose Frisson Kn79,90 (~C$15.70)
I’ve had this particular shade on my wish list for ages – ever considering that I heard about it from Lisa Eldridge. Unfortunately, this shade is not sold in North America. So when I saw this at DM, I had to have it! I own a few of these Bourjois blushes and my favourites are the ones that are matte, like this one.

Bourjois express Eye-Makeup remover Kn39,90 (~C$8)
I had to double check the currency conversion when I was at the store, because this is less than half price compared to how much it costs in Canada (C$20). I was tempted to get several bottles but I limited myself to one. I love this product – it made it to my top 15 of 2015 list!

Alverde Lid-Schatten.Basis Kn14,90 (~C$3)
I gotten this purely on a whim, and I wasn’t 100% sure that it was actually an eyelid primer considering that there was absolutely no English on the packaging except for the ingredient list. “Lid-Schatten.Basis” sounds like it could be lid primer, no? turns out it is an eyelid primer, but reviews online says it’s not good. There were other things at the Alverde display that I was eyeing but I “need” an eyelid primer considering that my other ones are not cutting it ideal now. At least this wasn’t expensive, and I haven’t tried it on my eyes yet – it may surprise me.

Santorini, Greece

My SO and I both went a little nuts shopping in Santorini – me mostly getting makeup and him souvenirs. Greece is home to the brand Korres and the prices were too good to pass up (Shoppers drug Mart here does carry Korres body and skincare, ever considering that Sephora stopped carrying the brand). I actually checked out 2 different pharmacies that day.

Korres 3 pack nail polish in 31 Nude, 29 Ultra Violet and 25 Lilac 10ml each €7.90 (~C$11.70)
I received some Korres nail polishes from a pal a while back when she vacationed in Greece and they are outstanding quality. I vowed to get a lot more if I could get my hands on them and I was delighted to get this trio.

Korres crystal nail file €9.27 (~C$13.70)
Not really sure what possessed me to pick this up but I was hoping it’d be similar to my much-loved no-name brand crystal nail file that I’ve had for close to 10 years (I have a concern that I will drop and break it). és tudod mit? The Korres one is pretty darn similar. It’s made in the EU.

Korres Body Butter in Bergamot Pear €7 (~C$10.30)
They sell this for C$33 here!

Korres Wild rose Vitamin C active Brightening Oil €30 (~C$44)
I was so anxious about this breaking during the trip home even though I had it in my carry-on – the box got a little crushed but it’s fine. There are actual rose petals inside the oil! I just saw this at buyers drug Mart and it’s selling for C$75 plus 13% tax. I just love how tax is included in the sticker price in Europe.

Korres Black Volcanic Minerals Eyeshadow palette in earthy Bronze  €16.20 (~C$24)
This usually sells for €18 but I got a discount on the makeup for some reason. Nem panaszkodom! On the surface of the palette, there’s a design that looks like an erupting volcano… and I’m thinking it consists of some volcanic minerals in the formula itself?

Korres blush in 18 Peach €16.15 (~C$23.80)
I wanted the shade 22 Purple (not genuinely purple but a mauvey rose) but it was sold out. The sales girl recommended this to me, saying that the Purple would have been too deep for my complexion considering that I’m not “dark” like her – I think she a lot more indicated that she was olive skinned compared to me. and the best part? I got a gwp for either getting 2 makeup products or for getting a blush – I’m not sure which – but regardless, I got a complimentary full size blush brush:

Ez nem a legszélesebb ecset, de hé, ingyenes volt!

Én is felvettem ezt a nem szépségű elemet magamnak – a vulkáni kőzetből készült gyöngyös karkötő:

Nagyon szerettem ezt a boltot (athén protasis), sok szép darab volt, és pontot tettek, hogy elmondjam nekem, hogy ékszereiket Görögországban készítették, míg a nyaraló üzletek sokakat importálnak.

Velence, Olaszország

Pupa Pupart paletta # 03 € 20.30 (~ C $ 30)
A Velence repülőtéren ezt általában a repülési késleltetés miatt felvettem! Ezt és a # 05 Smokey-t vitattam, de az olasz sa bátorította, hogy túl sötét lenne számomra. Mi ezekkel az emberekkel, talán sötétben akarok? Én is szerettem ezeket a pupacat kompaktokat, de amikor elolvastam a finom nyomtatást, láttam, hogy Tunéziában készültek, nem Olaszországban. Megsúlyoztam, hogy nem láttam Kiko-t Velencében, de turisztikai területen voltam, valószínűleg, ha elrontottam volna, találkoztam volna.

Nem találtam meg egy dolgot, hogy maga a tengerjáró hajóra kerüljön. Tényleg igazán akartam valamit a vámmentes üzletből, de csak nem találtam semmit, amit igazán akartam (klinikus, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Shiseido, OPI és sok parfüm). Majdnem egy 2-csomagú Clinique drasztikusan különböző hidratáló krémet + 75 ml-es szivattyú palackokban 40 dollárért, de a valuta átalakítással, nem volt olyan sok megtakarítás, csak a vásárlás kedvéért. Ah is, örültem, hogy mit kaptam. A legjobb vásárlás messze volt Dubrovnikban, mert annyira váratlan és olcsó volt. Szerettem a görög gyógyszertárakat is, és azt kívánta, hogy sokkal több időt töltöttem, hogy bennük linger (plusz egy nagyobb bőrönd).

Megpróbálta bármelyik elemet felvettem? Milyen smink drágaköveket kaptál a vakáció alatt? Azt hiszem, amikor egy alacsony vásárlásra megyek, nyaralni kell, így tudok vásárolni!

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Mediterrán Cruise – Trip photoshey! Visszatérek a körutazásról a Földközi-tengerre. 🙂 Csodálatos utazás volt! De elkezdem a nem annyira jóval: a Velencei járatunkat 5 óráig késleltették, mivel egy másik utas gondatlan megjegyzése miatt késik. Mi volt az egyébként zökkenőmentes szállítás …
Szeptember 29, 2016 “Általános”

December 2016-os Goalshappy december! Most, hogy kész vagyok a projekt serpenyőben, őszinte lennék veled – úgy éreztem, hogy egy kicsit hangsúlyoztam, és sok bűntudat van a smink halomjáról, amely arra várt, hogy fényképezett, tesztelte és felülvizsgálta. Tekintettel arra, hogy az árvizek megnyitottak ebben az évben a sminkvásárlás, én …
2016. december 1. “szépség”

Szeptember 2016 Alacsony vásárlási elszámoltatikai elvégzést tett egy olyan döntést, hogy ne tegyen egy szemetet Stash (ürületek) posztot szeptemberben, tekintettel arra, hogy annyira elmentek a cikkekkel, de abszolút szeretnék összenyomni az elszámoltathatóságot a hónapban. here are some of the items that got added to my stash: To refresh, for the month of September, I…
Október 7, 2016 “szépség”

I mentioned the Bésame long Hair finishing Powder Brush as one of my favourites at the end of last year. Finally, I’m posting my review of this odd looking brush:
I bought this during the fall VIB Sale from Sephora last year, it costs $62 CAD / $50 USD.

The primary reason I bought this was – I’ll admit it – out of sheer curiosity! Firstly, the packaging is gorgeous:

The whole identity of the brand Bésame has an old-fashioned and vintage vibe. It achieved the vintage look without looking kitschy – the gold box with red accent look quite classy and time-appropriate:

The brush description from the box:

Bésame brushes are designed to bring back glamour and luxury to the process of creating your look – they make expert application effortless. designed to buff powder or cream with faux hair, it blends color with ease and glides effortlessly onto the skin. The handle is designed to resemble brushes available to Hollywood makeup artist during the 1930s. It is easy to grasp, comfortable and well balanced in your hand. wash hair only warm, soapy water as needed.

I own a lot of brushes but I don’t have one that looks like a dustpan brush!

The shape of the handle makes it really easy to hold, almost like brushing my hair.  The handle is made of plastic and the bristles are synthetic.

However, as odd looking at this brush is, I would not call this brush an original, as it is a fairly accurate reproduction of a vintage Max factor brush:

Even the box is similar! Forrás.
Besides the striking appearance of the brush, the other feature is how soft the bristles are! It feels feathery soft and the hairs aren’t bluntly cut so the ends of the brush are more diffused than the base.  I’m sure the bristles of that original Max factor brush was nowhere as soft as the Bésame!  This brush is also incredibly well-made – I’ve been using this for over 6 months and have not experienced any shedding at all.

I’ve tried applying blush, bronzer and face powder with this brush but I found it difficult to pick up and place product precisely.  For me, the best use of this brush is not for applying products, but rather, for removing excess product, and for blending large areas.  Remember this post on Instagram from a couple of weeks ago:

The Bésame long Hair finishing Powder brush is exactly the brush I would use to blend out blushes if I over-apply! You’d think I would only need to blend out my face once in a blue moon, but no, I reach for this brush quite regularly since I prefer a seamless look for my blush, contour, highlight and powder. Personally, I like to blend away or remove a portion of my makeup to dial down the “makeup-y” look – hence why I also like to spray with facial mist after powdering my face.  If you’re like me, you may find this brush to be helpful too. In fact, in my arsenal of brushes, I do own another brush that perform a similar function – the Ecotools face & Body sculpting Brush:

The bristle ends of the Ecotools brush is cut bluntly compared to the Bésame one, which means it drags the makeup slightly.  I prefer the Ecotools when I am blending out bronzer rather than blush / contour / highlight – bronzer doesn’t need as careful placement compared to the other face products.

Size-wise, they’re pretty comparable but I find the Bésame to be more versatile.  Bésame itself offer another similar style brush, the short Hair Contour brush which, as the name suggests, is for contouring. It has black bristles that are much denser and shorter:

One could say it’s pricey for a brush that is a “one trick pony” but I have an appreciation for Bésame’s design, and the fact that they’re not a large company so they aren’t gaining economies of scale.  However, I did note that this brush is made in China:

Which makes sense since I’ve noticed that the majority of brushes made of synthetic bristles are manufactured in China.

This is how my unwashed Bésame long Hair finishing Powder brush looks:

See the gradient colour of my blush at the tip and contour / bronzer at the bottom? When I sweep this brush across my cheeks to blend out, it makes it look like I put in more effort than I did!

• beautiful design / packaging
• very soft bristles
• easy to wash / dries quickly
• No shedding
• Cruelty-free

• Drága
• Doesn’t pick up or deposit product well

Stash worthiness: 8/10

Bottom line: no one really needs this brush but it’s a helpful item to have on hand. I would equate this brush with my Guerlain Météorites – they’re high quality items that are a little bit of a show-piece, but they serve a unique purpose.

What beauty product do you have that you don’t absolutely need but you find useful?

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Az Artistique Cheek kefe – felülvizsgálata és összehasonlítása a Szent Grail Beauty Products Post küldése, hogy nem tettem sok ecset felülvizsgálatát, így itt az ideje, hogy orvosolja ezt. Elég késleltetett kielégülés után (először ezt a kefét 2016 májusában kémítettem, amikor polírozott és inspiráltam Torontóba, és meglátogattuk …
2018. február 20., “szépség”

Sephora Vib Rouge Shopping List Őszi 2016 Editionhere újra megyünk. Majdnem idő, hogy mindenki elveszíti az elméjüket, mert Sephora Vib eladás! Tavaly sikerült elérnem a VIB Rouge státuszt a No-Vásárolom (: LOL :), így korai hozzáférést és 20% -ot kapok, november 4-től a 7. napig. Aztán a vibr …
November 2, 2016 “szépség”

Sephora Vib Eladó Őszi 2016 Hajlandó itt a számítás. Igazságidő: 3 megrendelést helyeztem el online és 1 tároló vásárlást készítettem. : D A következő évben ismét a VIB Rouge-ra jártam! De nem a saját vásárlások miatt, de a barátaim összegyűjtötték a vásárlásaikat (azt mondanám, hogy a bontás 30% -os volt, 70% -uk). …
November 18, 2016 “szépség”

This episode marks a new chapter in the MyLipAddiction.com appeal Podcast – there were three of us on the podcast at once!  Jodi of A Brash mindset joins feline as well as I to talk about new appeal releases, rants about public transit and the us election.

Warning: I’m incredibly crusty on this episode.

Listen to the podcast at any type of of these fine purveyors of podcasts:

♪ iTunes ♬

♩ Google Play ♪

♫ BuzzsProut ♩

♬ Stitcher ♪

Links as well as pictures below relating to what we talked about in the podcast (RANDOM):


Check out Rihanna rocking these flower pasties! You can get pasties with tassels for less than a dollar on ebay – complimentary shipping! (NSFW, obvs)
Scott Pilgrem Vegan Superpowers:

Filmed in Toronto!
Anna Sui collection:

It’s not restricted edition! It’s a revamp of her line. So no requirement to run out to get hold of it immediately.
ColourPop x hey there Kitty:

I’m not feeling it for some reason…
Nuworld Botanicals:

Check out my evaluation on the Cold-pressed organic Seabuckthorn + Jojoba Oil.

Consonant Skincare Ultra Moisturizing organic deal with Cream:

It’s likewise from Toronto!
I want one of these mirrors with the different light settings:

Here’s one of my much-loved bloggers, Karen of makeup as well as appeal Blog, speaking about the Chanel counter mirrors with the different illumination settings.
Related – I saw this ad in the subway:

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I’m on MyLipAddiction.com appeal Podcast!It is with a blend of nervousness as well as giddy enjoyment that I reveal my very first ever appearance on MyLipAddiction.com Beauty Podcast! There are a number of choices to listen to the Podcast: Google Play iTunes Buzzsprout Stitcher It’s ME!  Having a chat with Cat!  We talk about makeup as well as random stuff – it’s…
July 15, 2016In “Beauty”

MyLipAddiction.com appeal Podcast: Verbal DebaucheryI’m back on MyLipAddiction.com appeal Podcast! 😀 There were so lots of prospective titles for this podcast episode: • 50 shades of feline n’ Stashy • The One With The attractive Time Talk • ideas on Lips & Lips You have to listen to understand… a alerting / enticement – Fogadunk és …
Október 20, 2016 “szépség”

MyLipAddiction.com appeal Podcast: a Yank as well as 2 Canucks Talk about the us ElectionSomething different on the podcast today – as well as we’re publishing in the morning rather tonight – why wait? We recorded this episode the day after the American election so I was still in shock as well as most likely some denial. This episode expresses our raw thoughts on this history-making event. HippyLip was…
November 17, 2016In “Beauty”

His royal Huskiness, Master of His Meowmain, and the single greatest force in the history of kitty supermodeling. Nem érdekel, mit mond valaki. Ő volt az, aki elkezdte mindent.

Ez a vasárnap 700. részlete lapokkal! A Tabby Young Boy 552-re volt itt.


Hiányzik neki drágán. Borzasztóan. Elszakítok, csak gondolok rá. Ő volt, és mindig lesz az életem macska szeretete.

Úgy értem, itt blogoztam az MBB-n, mert 2007-ben … ez hosszú idő, és az egyetlen ok, amit csináltam, ez a hosszú lapok. Őszintén mondhatom, hogy az elmúlt évek közül sok múzeum volt. Nagyobb volt, mint az élet, mind nekem személyesen, mind itt a blogon. Megkapta a kreatív gyümölcslevet. Mindent sokkal szórakoztatóbbá tett, és úgy tűnt, örömmel csinálja. Szerette a figyelmet. Szerette a képeket velem, szerette az ölelést és a színpad irányát, csak szerette magát, és szerettem körülötte.

Ő volt a partnerem, bizalmasam, inspirációm és a legjobb barátom. Az emberek (és egy macska) együtt érjük. Soha nem fogom elfelejteni, amíg élek.


Rosie continues to do a amazing job taking over for Tabs as CFO (Chief Feline Officer) of Tabs the cat Industries, LLC. A hitelte soha nem próbálta fel az UPSTAGE lapokat. Nem olyan szenvedélyes, mint a Kitty modellezés, mint a lapok, mert ő a saját macskája, saját reményei és álmai.

Tiszteletben tartom és értékelem erről.


Köszönöm, Rosie, hogy magad. Bad- @ ss és egy édes, fantasztikus lány. Én nagyon szeretlek.

A barátságos környéke Charmfüggő,


After my previous month of hauling in my April Low-Buy, may was a month of resisting temptations! I did add a few products to my stash, namely, I went hairspray crazy:

I ran out of hairspray completely as well as I always feel uneasy whenever I don’t even have a back-up in my stash! Here’s exactly how the month went:


As mentioned, I felt compelled to buy 3 cans of hairspray in the month of May:
• Garnier Fructis style Hold & flex ultimate manage Spray
• Garnier full & luxurious huge volume Spray
• Schwarzkopf Crystal radiate Hair Spray
I bought the Garnier eco-friendly one when it went on sale for $5 which was a great offer (they’re normally $9 here).  I had heard great things about this product from GymBagMakeup as well as Amy of TheMakeupCase. however then the extremely next week, the cost dropped down further to $4 so I chosen up the pink one to try too. I’ve been utilizing the eco-friendly one as well as it’s quite great – it doesn’t leave a sticky residue or crunchiness on the hair. I discovered the Schwarzkopf one on clearance for $4 so I believed I’d provide it a try too. Phew, now I am at a comfortable level of hairspray stash!

• Butter London nail Lacquer in Hush-Hush
Hand on my heart, I did NOT buy this for myself. My coworker chosen it up for me one day, randomly. She told me she was at Marshalls as well as saw this as well as understood that I liked Butter London polishes as well as this appears like a “Stashy [but my genuine name] shade”. She understands me so well!

• Paula’s option withstand Anti-Aging Serum foundation Matte in level 2
I likewise did not purchase this – it’s really not a new item. My good friend bought this as well as disliked it so much however didn’t want to throw it away after only a few utilizes so she asked if I was thinking about trying it. She understands I’m always game. I tried it when so far as well as I can state that it’s a tricky foundation to work it – it’s rather liquidy as well as wishes to settle into every pore as well as line. It does wear extremely well with the day though. I’ll have to experiment more – with different primers or mixing it with other foundations.

That’s it for beauty associated items. I did haul a bit of garments in may though, since the garments store reveal revealed that they were closing all 17 places in Canada. Yet one more American brand who couldn’t make it work in Canada! I came to truly like Express’ Columnist ankle pants, of which I own about 8 pairs in different colours. So I added a couple more to my wardrobe with these (they were buy one get one 50% off):

• Mid increase Plaid Columnist ankle Pant

• Mid increase Tweed Columnist ankle Pant

I likewise ended up buying a pair of their extreme stretch skinny Pants, which are made from a nice thick material as well as had genuine pocket outlining (instead of those faux pockets that’s prominent with jeggings – I discover they look so cheap). whatever at reveal is now 40-60% off however the store is rather chosen over. I’m glad I grabbed these before they offered out of my size!

I haven’t shopped much at Uniqlo yet since its opening as well as one night my SO as well as I were killing time as well as decided to search around. I ended with the 2 items:

• Pleated jersey Sleeveless gown in Navy
This includes a coordinating slip skirt since the material is rather sheer. This was only $40 as well as truly great high quality for the price! I used this to a dinner banquet with a cardigan as well as it looked method more costly than it is (no, I did not rock sneakers like the design did!)

• AIRism storage tank top in Beige
I wear a camisole beneath almost whatever as well as I decided to provide this a try. Tetszik! It keeps me great as well as feels like I’m using nothing. I extremely suggest this as well as I’m getting a lot more in other colours!

Marks & Spencer
And lastly, perhaps the most tiring item… SOCKS. I got it in my head that I requirement all new black socks for work (the elastic on the cuffs of mine were all getting loose, I dislike that!) as well as I decided that marks & Spencers must make the very best socks so I took a possibility as well as put an order on the internet (M&S utilized to have stores in Canada however they exited the market in 1999, sadly). I wished to try a range of high qualities of socks so I ordered 4 types:

This is what $50 worth of black socks looks like! I got 18 pairs of black socks. My experience buying on the M&S site was excellent – they ship with DHL as well as I got my parcel within two DAYS of ordering! shipping is free with $50 minimum purchase as well as there were no duties. The M&S site displayed whatever in Canadian dollars which made it simple to shop. I’ll likely order more from M&S in the future!

There were so many compelling offers in may that I had to bury my head in the sand a bit so I wouldn’t succumb to them. I really restricted my usage of blogs / social network so I wouldn’t be inundated!

Tarte 7-Piece custom beauty Kit

May started off with one of the most appealing deals! On may 4th, for someday only, Tarte was promoting this 7-pc custom set for only C$84! Depending what you chose, the value was almost 3x the price. I was soooo tempted, I tell you! I only discovered about this offer from Fivezero – she likewise found there was an extra $10 off code that worked on this offer. I even produced my own custom set on the Tarte site as well as added whatever in the cart as well as then closed the tab. inspect out this hilarious exchange between fivezero as well as I in her post.
Why I don’t requirement this right now: I wasn’t even in the market for any type of makeup from Tarte, never mind a unicorn cosmetic case! I was just lured by a excellent deal. I can online vicariously with Fivezero – inspect out her haulage here.

ColourPop free worldwide shipping as well as 3 for $10 offer

Yet one more offer that I was alerted to by Fivezero! Being in Canada, I’m always on the lookout for free worldwide shipping offers as well as ColourPop not only had that however likewise 3 eye shadows for $10 (regularly they’re $5 each, so it’s like buy 2 get 1 free).

The offer used to both the super Shock as well as the pressed Powder Shadows. Ugh, eye shadows are my vice!
Why I don’t requirement this right now: I did just recently win a few of ColourPop’s press eye shadows, plus, I do own a few super Shock eye shadows (that HippyLip sent to me!) I believe if I didn’t have any type of of ColourPop’s eye shadows, I may have succumbed to this offer! however I was able to overcome both of these temptations, however no thanks to Fivezero…

Charlotte Tilbury beauty glow immediate look In A Palette

Of program this was from Cat’s publish on this gorgeous palette! I’ve been wanting an all-in-one type combination for travelling. The closest one that I own is the BareMinerals The Regal wardrobe Palette. I truly like the eye shadows in the BM combination however don’t like the deal with powders. From what I hear, the Charlotte Tilbury combination is amazing high quality all around!
Why I don’t requirement this right now: I assumption I can make do with the BareMinerals combination for now! I’m not planning any type of major trips anytime soon so this isn’t an urgent “need”.

So I stayed within the confines of my No-Buy rules for May. I’m on one more month of no makeup / skincare buying once again for June! exactly how was your costs last month?

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November 2016 Alacsony-megvásárolta az elszámolhatóság. November Low-Buy was more like a Go-Buy… I mean, what was I expecting? Sephora Vib eladó és fekete péntek – Miért kellett együtt lenniük a pontosan ugyanazon a hónapban? I likewise bought some stuff from Winners as well as Avon. : oops: Sephora vib eladás Haul csak sminkelemeket számít, …
2016. december 6. “szépség”

February 2017 No-Buy-Low-Buy AccountabilityFebruary is a No-Buy month for me! I mentioned in my January accountability publish that if all goes well this month, I’d have nothing to show. Well, February went well however I do have 3 things to show: I didn’t buy any type of of these products myself, I swear! A barátom…
March 6, 2017In “Beauty”

Trash Stash: September as well as October 2016I skipped September trash stock because of post-vacation lethargy as well as the reevaluation of my life: Why am I not on vacation still? Why is anyone even thinking about looking at my beauty empties? Miért vagyok itt? then I snapped out of it as well as got back into the swing of…
November 1, 2016In “Beauty”

nagyszerű reggel ya. Hogy megy eddig a kategóriád? Jó, remélem. Amellett, hogy a héten a héten kibontakozva, hálás vagyok, hogy csak menedéket, valamint kockázatmentesnek érzem magam, mivel sok embernek nincs ilyen legjobban …

Remélem, hogy a gyomorod tele van bárhol. Remélem, biztonságban, melegen és tartalmakkal, valamint remélem, hogy olyan emberek vesznek körül, akik gondoskodnak rólad, mint te.


I try my finest to keep MBB light as well as bright because, as I get even more into adulthood (*ahem*), all of the real-world issues feel heavier as well as heavier, as well as my hope is that MBB can Mindig legyen rövid távú menedékhely a hatalmas iratoktól – olyan hely, amely kockázatosnak érzi magát, hogy csak olyan dolgokat gondoljon, amelyek örömet okoznak, akár smink, macskák vagy popkultúra. Remélem, mindig jól érzed magad, amikor meglátogatod.

De, ahogy nagyon jól tudod, egyes esetekben a valódi világ beavatkozik.

Ez a megjegyzés, Hi. Ó, feltételezés Mi? Ez a nő ma visszatér Sephorához, mivel csak néhány új dolgot próbáltam, amit tegnap vásároltam, és funky … és nem hűvös nagyszerűen.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

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Az ILIA nagyon szérum bőr árnyalata nehéz volt, és szürkés környezetbarát volt a bőrömön (a kiválasztott szín Morgat volt), az Ilia Conlealernek csak egy érintésnek tűnt, és a Caliray szempillaspirál megtagadta a Caliray Mascara-t .

Hmm … talán én pickier, mint én használtam. Csak annyit értem, hogy még mindig keresek egy szempillaspirálot, rejtegetőt, valamint bőrszínt, amely a lelkemre énekel.

Ez a hét olvasása

A og Charm befolyásolók? Ősi egyiptomi királyi jogdíjat!

Gwen Stefani új sminkvonalat tartalmaz.

For my good friends with fair skin tones, these are allegedly the very best bronzers for lighter lasses, according to makeup artists.

Az Atlanta Opera-ban dolgozó sminkes művészek a munkaügyi konfliktus közepén vannak, amely kiterjedt következményekkel járhat az összes iparágban.

Euphoria-stílusú smink még mindig egy dolog.

Hogy a Thierry Mugler véglegesen megváltoztatta a parfümvilágot.

Szeress engem néhány firenze.


Követelem néhány ilyen stílust.

Szerelem szerelem szerelem.


Bárki más, mint ezek a videók?


Kérjük, legyen kitűnő hétvége!

A barátságos közösségi bájfüggő,


Teljesen nem vártam, hogy ez a pillantás olyan csillogó és rózsaszín, de hé, pénteken, így is talán is lehet?

Az új ritka szépségápolási termékeket használom, amelyeket korábban felvettem a héten! Ahogy láthatod, a felfedezés szemhéjfesték paletta nagyon melegen támaszkodik. Not my usual style as of late (I’ve been really into amazing tones), but I’m having fun with it.


Észrevette az intenzitás különböző intenzitását? A két legsötétebb árnyalat (a matt vörösesbarna és a matt szilva) a pezsgő oldalán van, amit nem bánom, mert megkönnyíti számomra az intenzitás szintjének ellenőrzését.

Úgy találom, hogy az évek során bölcsebbek leszek, sokkal óvatosabbnak kell lennem, ha sötétebb árnyékokat viselek; Ha az árnyékok túl sötétek és intenzívek, a kapucnis fedélem nehezebbé válik. Szóval, könnyűnek kell mennem, és lassan építsem a színt, folyamatosan!

Ez egy esős, felhős nap itt Marin megyében, így örülök, hogy ragyogok.

Remélem, hogy a péntek eddig rémülten megy!


A barátságos környék szépségfüggő,



like it.
This is one of those deal with products that you have to be in a specific phase as well as mindset to appreciate. keeping that said, if full protection is your jam, keep on walkin’ miss Lady. However, if you’re searching for a concealer that doesn’t look heavy as well as stays out of fine lines, add hourglass Veil Retouching fluid to your wishlist ASAP!

For skin that appears like skin

It’s a semi-sheer liquid concealer with a doe foot applicator, as well as it’s offered in six shades in the hourglass long-term collection. considering that it’s hourglass (which indicates pricey), it’s not precisely budget, so a tube is $36. You do get a formula that’s complimentary of a great deal of things, including…








Synthetic Dyes


Animal testing

I’m trying to minimize the amount of products with phthalates in my makeup collection (here’s why), which is one of the primary reasons why I utilize it. I likewise like exactly how it’s a beast at covering stuff while still looking natural.

I wear the shade Sand beneath my eyes, around my nose as well as at the corners of my mouth (I’m an NC42 in MAC, by the way). often I set it with a bit MAC Mineralize Skinfinish natural Powder, as well as often I don’t. Either way, my skin appears like genuine skin, which is my aesthetic nowadays considering that I have extremely bit tolerance for anything opaque or heavy.

Have you ever tried YSL’s popular Touche Eclat? This product is similar, however so much much easier to blend, as well as I believe it looks a lot more natural. It’s worth your time to swatch during your next hourglass counter visit. I normally restock at Sephora, however Ulta brings the line, too.


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

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Some a lot more thoughts on hobbies

Well, we’re three months into 2022, as well as I’m still in quest of new hobbies.

I’ve kept up reading solely for pleasure, as well as wow! It’s incredible exactly how reading just a few minutes for fun can modification exactly how you feel. I discover myself craving books now. Like, I physically feel off if I avoid my reading-for-fun time. It makes me happy, so I’m going to keep it up.

Oh! I tried something new last week. I chosen up a puzzle at a regional bookstore in town, Copperfield’s, as well as took pleasure in it so much. There’s something extremely meditative about searching for pieces. Connor assisted me when she was in the mood, too.

I can’t wait to do one more one, although I do desire there was some kind of library-like service with puzzles. I can see myself getting into it, however the last thing I requirement is a lot more stuff in my house, ya know?

Utolsó dolog. I’ve been cooking my method with a cookbook!

A bit backstory: I utilized to like baking as well as cooking, however last year, it bummed me out.

For a lot of of 2021, I hated — like full-on despised — making food. I was stoked at very first to be at house as well as cook when whatever shut down in 2020, however after a while I started feeling like I handled a full-time kitchen area task without realizing it. Last year, I was totally over it, as well as I’d get upset whenever I had to cook, particularly at dinner (I phone call it “dinner rage”).

Anyway, I just recently started cooking new dishes, as well as it’s assisted me to feel less rage-y. LOL. Here’s a couple things I made of “The simple Filipino Cookbook” by Roline Casper.

Beef Picadillo (Giniliang Na Baka) with ground beef, tomato sauce as well as raisins
Easy Sauteed Shrimp (Ginisang Hipon) with shrimp, bok choy as well as seasame oil.


Happy Friday to you, as well as I hope you had a fantastic week!

Your friendly community appeal addict,


A Divasnak van egy műsorszáma, hogy keményen dolgozzon. Tudod, tapasztalatom szerint a divasok, akikkel áthaladtam az utakat, valójában elég jó volt. Team játékosok is.

Tabs, for example, loved to feed the gossip maker with stories of him being notoriously hard to work with. Azt hiszem, még egyszer is nevezték, mint a macska modellező világ Naomi Campbell, amely izgatott. but if you asked any of the top tier kitty models he worked with, or any of his service partners, they would tell you that he was 100% supportive, giving and the most easy-to-work-with cat you’d ever meet .


Rendben, biztos, hogy alkalmanként tiszteletlen volt számomra, és felkérném, hogy abszurd dolgokat csináljak, nem tudom, tervezzen egy pártot 100 ember számára egy toszkán bérleti ingatlannál, csak 24 órával, de A legtöbb részes fülek jó munkáltató volt, hogy dolgozzon. Mindig volt a hátam, és mindig bátorította, hogy kövessem az álmaimat.

– Tartsd meg az írást



Rosie-Pose has a penchant for withdrawing into solitude whenever she’s deep in scientific thought, and although she isn’t as socially active as Tabs was, she still gets along famously well with all the cats she runs into (except Harris). Ő is alkalmanként megkönnyíti az anyai oldalsó felületét, amikor aranyos apró töltött macskákat lát, mintha a szárny alatt húzta meg Stripey-t. Ő egyike Connor’s Cuckies, és Rosie nagy terveket tervez neki, hogy a következő tudományos macska mestermester. Megállapította, hogy a robotika alkalmassága van, és az egyik gyakornokává tette.

A barátságos környéki fellebbezési addict,