It’s the magical month known as Hauluary when I have no holds barred on shopping!  I hauled so much in the past few weeks that I made a decision to divide my haulage into 3 posts: body care, makeup and nail polish. Today I’ll tackle the body care stuff:

This isn’t everything because I couldn’t fit it all in the frame.
It didn’t help that the bath & Body works store near my work was closing down so they put nearly the whole store on 75% off clearance.

Bath & Body Works

I did the most damage at BBW since they also kept shipping in new items day after day so the selection kept changing…

• Shea & Vitamin E shower Gel in holiday scents: champagne Toast, cocktail Dress, Pink Confetti, and Wrapped in Sugar

• Waikiki beach Coconut Ultra Shea Body cream x2 – I really had to limit myself, I already have a bunch saved up from last year but I love this stuff!
• Waikiki beach Coconut Shea & Vitamin E shower Gel – I pointed out in my July trash stash that I wished I’d picked up the 2016 version of the shower gel to compare it to the 2015 version. and that’s why I picked this up!

• Wild Madagascar Vanilla Ultra Shea Body Butter
• Black Currant Vanilla Sugar Scrub

The design on the left is from 2016, and the one on the ideal is from 2015.
• Twisted Peppermint Fine fragrance mist x2 – I originally picked up just one of these but loved the smell so much that I went back the next day for another bottle. I’ve been wearing it nearly every day considering that I got it!

• Wallflower bulbs in Vanilla Snowflake, champagne Toast, Peach Bellini, and hot Cocoa & Cream

• fragrance melts in Twisted Peppermint, Frosted Cranberry, and Vanilla Bean Noel

A test bolt
Holiday and clearance items were 50-75% off.

• holiday Body Butter tiny trio (Vanilla Chai, Spiced Apple, and Frosted Berry)

• Spiced Apple Body Butter
• Spiced Apple Softening Body Gel-Lotion
• Honeymania Eau de Toilette

• Virgin Mojito party Collection (includes body splash, body scrub, shower gel, body butter, and shower puff, housed in a metal bucket)

I saw that fivezero had hauled this so I made a decision to go back to see if I could find this and I did! (the store had just received a shipment of them that day) After hearing Rachael rave about this line, I made a decision to get it for myself. They smell amazing! This set regularly sells for $60 and I got it for $16.20!

Shoppers drug Mart

• I Love… Bubble and love sets in Raspberry & Blackberry, Coconut Cream, and Strawberry Cream

Each set comes with a 500ml of bath & shower Creme and 50ml of Body Butter.

• I Love… Mango & Papaya Take Away kit (includes bath & shower Creme, Body Butter, and shower puff)

• I Love… Bubbles and Butter set in Raspberry & Blackberry – I found this unexpectedly behind some shampoo. the box was banged up but everything inside were sealed.
I always hear such great things about the “I Love…” range from Mrs. Strawberry Blonde so I had to try them out myself when I saw these on clearance. The smaller sets cost $4 and the larger ones were $10. These products are made in the UK!


• Delectable by Cake appeal dream cream set (includes Vanilla & Cream, Strawberry & Cream, Coconut & Cream, Sugar Plum, sweet Mint & Cream, and Lemon & Cream) – these are best purse size tubes and I got this set for 50% off ($10).


• Arlésienne Eau de Toilette (2014) – there are actually 2 versions of this perfume – one from 2014 and an updated version released in 2016. They smell different even though they have the same name – they consist of the same notes but in different concentrations (the crucial notes are violet, rose and saffron). I’d first heard about this perfume from Jasmine over at The delighted Sloths on her best of 2016 list. I checked both on my skin for the day and I ended up liking the 2014 version better, which worked out well considering that it was on sale for C$50 (reg C$75). The 2016 version reminds me a bit of Revlon Outrageous shampoo! (which I do love!)

I’m not sure what overcame me but I think I’ve stocked up enough body care for the next 3 years! XD  Have you tried any of the items I got?  Did you do any post-holiday hauling?

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PSA: BBW Waikiki beach Coconut is available again!I might be the only person who is this ecstatic to see the re-release of the bath & Body works Waikiki beach Coconut scent again so this post might have 1 like and a few scoffs, but YAY, I thought this scent was never to be seen again (as BBW…
March 15, 2016In “Beauty”

It’s my birthday and I’ll get if I want toI went to Sephora with the intent of picking up my “free” birthday present. and maybe if they had the Surratt Relevée Lash Curler, I wouLd felveszi, mert tudod: A sörös hajlító nem volt raktáron, de a “forró most” kijelző sikoltozott rám – ők …
Július 24, 2015 “szépség”

Trash Stash: Június és július 2017: 2. rész (test és hajápolás, smink), és itt van a júniusi és júliusi Trash Stash: Ez az egyensúly az elmúlt néhány hónapban, és magában foglalja a testet és a hajat CARE, PLUS SMEUP!
Augusztus 10, 2017 “szépség”

Skincare goodies from Biossance
HAVER. Is it just me, or is the temptation to smooth as well as slather on all the things strong when new skincare arrives?

The appeal products I bought on Black Friday hit my doorstep yesterday, as well as I’m trying truly difficult to sluggish my roll as well as not put whatever on my deal with all at the exact same time!


I believe I pointed out this a couple weeks ago, however I grabbed the Biossance Unstoppable glow set since 1) it includes a full-size jar of Squalane + Omega repair work Cream, my present go-to deal with moisturizer, 2) it was on sale as well as 3) I’ve been wanting to try the Squalane + Vitamin C increased Oil, as well as the set includes a travel-size bottle.

I likewise chosen up a full-size bottle of the Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil, too, which I utilized last night to take off my makeup, as well as I have mixed feelings. It’s excellent for eliminating deal with as well as lip makeup, as well as my skin didn’t feel tight or uneasy after I rinsed off, however oh, my eyes! They stung a bit when I scrubed the oil on my lashes as well as lash lines. I’ll still keep utilizing it to take off foundation as well as lipstick however will stay with Curel makeup Cleansing Oil to eliminate eye makeup.

Anywho! My buy likewise came with this remarkable GWP kit, which has a ton of things from the Biossance line…


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

Squalane + Amino Aloe gentle Cleanser — since you understand I like gentle!

Squalane + increased Vegan Lip Balm — putting it on my lips ideal now, as well as it feels like the Laneige Lip Mask.

Squalane + Vitamin C increased Oil — For brightening as well as moisture.

Squalane + Probiotic Gel moisturizer — I believe this is a lighter version of the Omega repair work Cream.

Squalane + Marine Algae Eye cream — Been dying to try this!

Squalane + Vitamin C Dark area Serum — I’m dedicated to Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, however I such as this brand so much I’ll provide this a go.

Squalane + Lactic Acid Resurfacing night Serum — like me some lactic acid.

Squalane + Omega repair work cream — A bit travel-size jar of my go-to deal with cream.

The remarkable GWP kit!
Oh! I likewise bought some things from Avene, too. I restocked a couple favorites: one more bottle — my third one, it’s that good! — of Solaire UV Mineral Sunscreen as well as a tube of XeraCalm AD, which saves my skin whenever it feels so dry that it hurts. I’ve been wanting to try their RetrinAl Intensive cream for a while, so I grabbed that too.

A couple tried-and-true products from Avene, together with something new
So that’s what’s new on this end. I’m really kinda shocked I didn’t pick up any type of makeup, however with my new task as well as all, I haven’t been feeling incredibly adventurous with makeup lately. I end up utilizing the exact same stuff. Sóhaj! Tudom.

I was this close on Black Friday to pulling the activate on a Chantecaille order, however then I realized at that point I truly needed to begin getting gifts for other people on my Christmas listing so I had calm the eff down, LOL!


If you have any type of q’s about any type of of the products provided here, hit me up in the comments. I’m delighted to provide you my thoughts or very first impressions. site note: I’m truly liking this Biossance Lip Balm! It’s thick, however not sticky, as well as my lips feel good.

A barátságos közösségi fellebbezési addtus,


may your makeup cup runneth over

Szóval … mi a hétfői szavazás?

Kiváló kérdés! It isn’t, as opposed to its name, an actual poll, like with little clicky buttons. It’s just a list of much more or less random questions I’ve been posting on this blog every Monday morning for the past quadrillion years (since 2007).

1. When’s your next hair appointment?

Goodness gracious, who knows! I was wishing to get a good chop in sometime in February because my hair’s been feeling really heavy lately, but I think I might wait until March to be on the safer side.

2. A beauty-related thing you’ve been loving?

Ooh, layering multiple face moisturizers. It’s the only way I’ve made it this far through winter. Dang, my skin is dry!


3. Something that you’d be pleased to have for dinner tonight?

If a big bowl of pho were to miraculously appear, I wouldn’t mind it at all.

4. What’s the first thing you’d purchase if you were to rebuild your makeup collection from scratch?

Mascara, for sure. It makes such a big difference in how awake I look!

5. On a scale of 1-5, how essential is flavor and scent to you when it concerns your lip products?

Solid five, and then some. LOL! If it smells funky or tastes weird, I won’t have anything to finish with it. I’ve gotten a lot pickier about flavor and scent in the last few years…


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

Vásárolj most

6. Brow bone or cheek highlight?

Brow bone highlight. A subtle one, though, so nothing overly frosty or shiny. just a tiny bit of matte blended in underneath the arch of my brown to lift my hooded lids a touch. It makes a difference!

7. Is it strange for you to wear colorful eyeshadow?

Right now it kinda is. but if I got back into the practice again, it wouldn’t be at all.

8. how are you feeling today?

Pretty good overall, but a little lonely. Mondays are always a shock to my system because with Connor in school and El Hub at work, so the house is eerily quiet. It’s terrific for concentration but I miss having my people around.

9. Lemon bars or brownies?

Lemon bars today. I’d love something a little sour and a little sweet.

A barátságos környéke Charmfüggő,



P.S. Íme a kérdések a válaszok másolására / beillesztésére egy megjegyzésben. speak with ya soon.

1. When’s your next hair appointment?
2. Something that’s you’ve been loving, charm wise?
3. Something that you’d be pleased to have for dinner tonight?
4. What’s the first thing you’d purchase if you were to rebuild your makeup collection from scratch?
5. On a scale of 1-5, how essential is flavor and scent to you when it concerns your lip products?
6. Brow bone or cheek highlight?
7. Is it strange for you to wear colorful eyeshadow?
8. how are you feeling today?
9. Lemon bars or brownies?

P.P… good morning, stunning friend! Please be extra gentle with yourself this week.

1. Fekete hajkötések

Állandóan megvásárolok új fekete hajú kötéseket, hogy kicseréljék azokat, amelyek eltűnnek a szépségápolási termékek fekete lyukába. Amikor megpróbálom valóban nehéz elveszíteni őket, talán öt, talán hat hónap, anélkül, hogy új csomagot vásárolnánk.

Jellemzően azonban három-négy hónaponként megragadok egy frisseket. Az igazsághoz jutottam, hogy nem tudtam megtartani őket. A mandolorok szavaival “ez az út.”


2. Hajkondicionáló

OMG, annyira kondicionáló! Ne feledje, hogy pontosan mit kell tenni a “80-as években, és” 90-es évek pontosan, hogy a kondicionáló palackok iránya hogyan jelezne valamit a negyed méretű blob munkavégzésével? I’ve always needed, like, five dollars worth of quarters in mine, LOL! Gyorsan megyek nagy kondicionálóval. általában két vagy három üveg havonta.

3. A hidratáló összes dolog

Arckrém (jelenleg szeretem a biosszanás omega javítást), testápoló (mindenki vanília + levendula az én lekvárom), kézkrém, ajakbalzsam … Ha a zombi apokalipszis bekövetkezik, akkor a hidratáló, mint senki sem üzlet.

4. fényvédő

Ez egy meglehetősen közelmúltbeli UPTICK (mint az elmúlt évben), ahogy én próbáltam szorgalmas a mindennapi napvédelem. A test napvédőjei, valamint a napsugárzókkal való foglalkozás hatalmas darabja a szépség költségvetése.

5. Barna szemceruza

Bárki más lángol ezekkel? Avid sighliner vagyok, így a barna bélés soha nem tart sokáig a smink táskámban.


És veled mi van? Milyen szépségápolási termékeket vásárol a legjobban?

A barátságos közösségi szépségfüggő,


Hey! Visszatértem. just in time for the Sephora sale. In a way, this is a bit of a cheat publish since it was much easier to prepare than a evaluation – simplicity my method back into blogging, right? If you comply with me on Instagram, you’ll understand that I was on vacation for a part of my time away from the blog. right here are some more of what I did in the past month:

• visited some cities in Alberta (Calgary, Banff / Canmore, Jasper as well as Edmonton) – the Canadian Rockies are truly incredible as well as I extremely a suggest visit!

• went to my very first “by invite only” L’Oreal warehouse sale – don’t get excited, since I was on a No-Buy I didn’t get makeup, however my buddy went nuts for the $1 nail polishes. I got a number of bars of Kiehl’s Coriander exfoliating soaps which were restricted edition from Christmas – yay! (Kiehl’s Coriander is one of my all time favourite scents)  the most fascinating part of going to the sale was seeing all of the brands that L’Oreal has (besides L’Oreal): Maybelline, Essie, NYX, Lancôme, Shu Uemura, metropolitan Decay, YSL, Givenchy…

• went to Canada’s Wonderland (amusement park) to trip the roller coasters – our favourite rides were Leviathan as well as Behemoth. autumn is the perfect time to go to since it wasn’t as well hot as well as the line-ups weren’t long.

• contributed blood – it’s been years since I last contributed since I almost fainted the last time. This time, whatever went smoothly, although I did establish a big bruise that’s the width of my arm afterward.

• Cleared out old mementos, photos, clothes – just stuff – from our storage locker – there were some hilarious gems… ah memories   We’re doing some considerable refurnishing soon so we requirement to make space – new couch, dining space table / chairs, shelves for the spare bedroom, etc.

• lastly completed the entire series of the Sopranos. It took us about 10 months to get with all 6 seasons (more like 7 seasons since season 6 was split into part 1 as well as 2). I’m not a fan of this show – I did not like the characters as well as the story line was only mildly interesting. I was so happy to be done with this show. assumption what? now we can order Netflix!

It feels fantastic to be typing up a blog publish again. At this point, I can’t promise that I’ll be publishing as often as I was previously, however I’ll try my best!

Onward to the Sephora VIB autumn sale!

The early gain access to for VIB Rouge will be November 3rd – tomorrow – up until the 6th, with 20% discount rate off the whole store (use code 20FORROUGE online). The sale will then be offered to VIB (20%) as well as BI (15%) as well, between Nov 10th to 15th. I didn’t get a notification card in the mail this time around around however I did just get a “save the date” email last night (and I’m not alone, on the internet chatter seems to suggest that Sephora is sending the cards out randomly).  I’m officially off my No-Buy now as well as normally I go nuts at this sale since it’s the greatest discount rate offered at Sephora (the spring sale is 15% off only), however I’ve decided that I really, truly do not requirement or want any type of more makeup!  So, I’m focusing mainly on replenishing items, as well as only buying one key piece.

100% likelihood I’ll buy these:

Lavanila The healthy Deodorant in Fresh Vanilla Lemon – $17
I get one of these every sale. I was worried last time that Sephora wasn’t going to bring this anymore however it seems like they’re back in stock as well as with more scents.

Clinique Purifying Cleansing clean Head Refill – $34
I got the Clinique cleansing clean back in July as well as I’ve been utilizing it almost everyday in the shower in the mornings. I’m truly enjoying it – provides a gentle exfoliation as well as great deals of lather for my deal with wash. I figured it’s time to modification out the clean head however at $34 each, it’s even more costly than the Clarisonic replacement clean heads!

Surratt Artistique Cheek clean – $125
I’m lastly going to bite the bullet as well as get one of the Surratt brushes! The deal with powder clean is $250 so I’m going to get the cheek one for now.

Smashbox 24 hour picture surface shadow primer – $26
I’m in the market for a new eye shadow primer since my Nars pro Prime one is almost finished. The Nars one performs well however I dislike the wand applicator. this is showing as out of stock right now so I may have to opt for one more brand – any type of recommendations?

Ez az. Is there something wrong with me? But, as is with tradition, I’m going to listing some “maybes”:

25% likelihood I’ll buy these:

Surratt beauty Artistique blush in Rougeur – $35
This shade has been on my desire listing for ages as well as I just saw that it’s lastly back in stock! Csábító…

Nars Soft Matte total Concealer – $37
I’ve been eyeing this however I have as well many concealers to utilize up firutca.

Töltsön fel egyre fényes blush kombinációt – 178 $
Ez egy új kiadású márka, de annyira csábított engem. Csak nézd meg ezt a fenevadt egy blush paletta! 12 árnyalat van 5g-vel! 400 dollár értékű. Lehet, hogy eldobhatom az összes elpirulomat, és csak tartom ezt! (mintha, lol)

Nem is felsoroltam 50% -os valószínűséget, mivel viszonylag konkrét vagyok, hogy nem fogok megvásárolni ezeket az elemeket.

Az eladás első napján egy imádnivaló hordozható. Mindig megragadok, de soha nem hasznosítják őket.
Mi van veled? Mit csináltál? Bármit kapsz a Sephora őszi eladás alatt?

Ossza meg ezt:

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November 2017 No-Buy-Low-Buy AclectilityT volt, mivel utoljára frissítettem az én vásárlási elszámoltathatóságomban – az utolsó az augusztusban történt módban, valójában! Ez volt júniusi és júliusi kiadásokra, annak biztosítására, hogy azt jelenti, hogy nem beszéltem pontosan, hogy az augusztus és október. Azok a 3 hónapos nem voltam …
December 14, 2017 “szépség”

Sephora VIB Eladó vásárlási lista 2017. április Editioni érzés a fáradtság érzése általában a szépség környékén az utóbbi időben. Soha nem láttam olyan sok antiulákat, valamint a nemrégiben. In years past, the most prominent topics were hauls as well as beauty collection posts, however I’m now seeing a pattern of the “resistance”. Talán csak …
Április 17, 2017 “szépség”

Sephora Vib Rouge vásárlási lista 2016 őszén EditionHere Újra megyünk. Majdnem ideje, hogy mindenki elveszítse az elméjüket, mivel Sephora Vib eladás! A VIB ROUGE állapot elérése érdekében tavaly a No-Buy (: LOL 🙂 -re kezeltem, így korán kapok hozzáférést, akár 20% kedvezményt, november 4-től a 7. napig. Aztán a vibr …
November 2, 2016 “szépség”

This was a hectic week on the blog!  If you’ve missed some posts, I don’t blame you. Here’s what happened:

PP12: The Body shop Fresh nude foundation in 020 Bali Vanilla

Finally, one of the job pan products that really shows visible indications of being utilized up.

Guest Post: Ephesus – Turkey

My very first guest publish over at regional woman foreign Land – it’s not about makeup however it has quite pictures!

MUJI Skincare [+ GIVEAWAY!]

HAVE YOU went into YET?!!

China Glaze hot Flash

Perfect colour for my toes while I was on vacation!

Cruise Life – My Experience

Read about what I liked, what I didn’t like on my 7-day cruise to the Mediterranean. beauty Podcast: Verbal Debauchery

If you haven’t listened yet, what are you waiting for? early evaluations include, “I snorted wine out of my nose” as well as “who understood Stashy had such a potty mouth?”

Also, don’t miss the giveaway that feline is holding – it ends tomorrow!


• We had a mini warm wave right here in Toronto. Monday as well as Tuesday were in the high 20’s°C as well as with the humidity, it was in the 30’s°C (that’s close to 90F). Our condo building had shut off the A/C last week – we had difficulty sleeping from the heat! Yesterday, the temperature dropped down to high of 9°C (48F)

• On Friday night I went for a facial – it’s been rather a while since I’ve had one. There’s a promotion in Toronto right now called “Beautylicious” which is a similar idea to Summer- / Winterlicious (restaurants offering prix fixe menus). Hair salons, spas as well as wellness centres offer cheaper packaged offers to introduce new prospective clients to their services. I’d been in the market for a new medical spa location since the last one I went to closed. I was truly pleased with my facial on Friday as well as already booked one more visit for November. Aside from the great facial, the thing that offered me about her was what she said, “Your skin is your home, you’re going to online in it up until you die, you requirement to take care of it. great skin takes work.” Igazság!

Milyen volt a heted?

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Muji haulI’ve been semi-naughty as well as bought a few things from Muji. Nothing is outright makeup, however it’s all beauty associated products that I don’t truly need. In my defense, I’ve been after these Muji products ever since they opened their very first Canadian store last November. De ez volt a testvér után …
Július 5., 2015in “szépség”

I’m on beauty Podcast!It is with a blend of nervousness as well as giddy enjoyment that I reveal my very first ever appearance on Beauty Podcast! There are a number of choices to listen to the Podcast: Google Play iTunes Buzzsprout Stitcher It’s ME!  Having a chat with Cat!  We talk about makeup as well as random stuff – it’s…
July 15, 2016In “Beauty”

MUJI cut Cotton White – Shiseido Facial Cotton DUPEI was going to make this publish a “journey of discovery” as well as keep it a secret on whether the MUJI is a dupe or not for the Shiseido, however I’m just going to come out as well as tell you that YES, the MUJI cut Cotton in WHITE is indeed a viable…
March 1, 2017In “Beauty”

In reviewing my publish history, I realized that I’ve never when published an annual summary of my Lo-Buy / No-Buy accountability.

These are all of my accountability posts from 2017.
And I believe I understand why… since I’m a sneaky cheat!

Let’s rewind a little.  If you’ve complied with my blog since the early days, you’ll understand that this blog started out as a full-on, hardcore No-Buy for an entire year in 2015.  It seemed rather black as well as white, right? Don’t buy makeup for 365 days, Stashy!

These are examples of me not buying anything for 2015.
But nope, very first I broke the No-Buy only 2 weeks into January, in an event permanently understood as Targetgate™.  Then I proceeded to bend the meaning of what a “No-Buy” means, with swaps (first with Nicola of beauty As I understand It, then with Isabelle of woman with Pink Cheeks) as well as blatant hauling for my birthday.  But, I was able to not partake in either of the spring or autumn Sephora VIB sales, in addition to the Black Friday temptations.

I utilized to provide myself these milestone badges.   This was 250 days of “not buying anything”.

These are all of my accountability posts from 2016.
Fast ahead to 2016 as well as 2017. I’ll group both years together as I believe my behaviour was similar both years.  I was lastly loosening the reins as well as enabled to BUY!  In 2016, I was on a Low-Buy all year, whereas in 2017 I did a hybrid of Low- as well as No-Buy; January was the special month of “Hauluary” where I had no costs restrictions.  Here’s what my monthly budgets were for monthly for the 2 years:

Source: 2016 new focus as well as 2017 new Focus

I should clear up right here that my No-Buys as well as Low-Buys have more to do with not contributing to my already big makeup collection, rather than curbing costs overall.  It’s a nice side impact to save money however it’s not my main goal.  I was seriously running out of area in our condo with all of my beauty products squirreled away in closets, under the bed, as well as even in the living room!

Let’s see exactly how I really fared:

One of the biggest loopholes I had in 2016 as well as 2017 was that makeup bought during vacations didn’t count… as well as as you can imagine, I took advantage of that! (in Japan as well as on the cruise)   as well as let’s be real, the months of January as well as December – I never did tally up what I bought because of Hauluary as well as holiday spending.  however at minimum, I spent $500 each month. That’s basically doubling my full year spend in just those 2 months!  I totally failed my 2016 Low-Buy however I showed enhancement in 2017.

Did you checked out about the report in early 2017, that discovered us women spend $300,000 on makeup as well as skincare over their lifetime?

They estimated that on average, American women take in between $3.50 – $11 each day of skincare as well as makeup on their face.  It depends upon what region of America the women online – I would state Toronto is most similar to new York so let’s state that my everyday usage is $11.  That would mean I’m costs $4,015 a year on makeup as well as skincare!   since my Low- as well as No-Buy was more focused on tallying makeup purchases, if I include skincare; I don’t believe I’m as well far off that figure!

This view only shows my accountability in dollars as well as as I mentioned, this isn’t about money – so let’s have a look at the actual count of my makeup collection over the 3 years that I’ve been blogging.  I based my preliminary count on this publish I made in my very first month of blogging, as well as went with all of my hauls, accountability, trash Stash, as well as purge posts (with recommendation to the tracking in my stock spreadsheet) to show up at the present count.  I included all products that I bought, was provided as gifts, redeemed with points, Back to MAC for, won in giveaways, or bought on vacation – i.e. everything!  I’ve damaged the count by product classification as well as with trending from the beginning of 2015 to present day:

Eye Shadows

N.B.: I count private eye shadow pans, so a quad is counted not as 1 eye shadow, however 4.

Base Products


Check out the steady boost here… I just like blushes.

Lip Products

I’m quite delighted with halving my lip stash.


I had great intentions to purge more of my nail polishes as well as I still mean to!


Year by year view of all categories:

Of the 6 classifications that I tracked, 3 of them decreased: base makeup (foundations, concealers, as well as powders), lip products (lipsticks, glosses, as well as balms), as well as makeup brushes.  The 3 classifications that increased throughout the years should come as no surprise: eye shadows, blushes, as well as nail polishes.  Those just occur to be my favourite makeup items.

Nerd sufficient for ya?   So what’s the final verdict?

I like to shop for new makeup. #kézenfekvő kapitány

A háromágú megközelítésemben a sminkállományom csökkentése – 1) STOP / LIMIT VÁSÁRLÁSI BEÁLLÍTÁSA 2) Használja fel, hogy mi van, és 3) Tisztítsa meg, amit nem használok – a vásárlás az első védelmi vonalat. Soha nem fogom megállítani a smink megvásárlását – ez csak egy adott. Én inkább gondolom, hogy mit tudok mostanában, és ha szeretnék vásárolni valami újat, akkor valami régi, amit meg kell tisztítani! (A körömlakkokkal és hamarosan elpirulni fogok), a hosszú távú nézet az, hogy kevésbé jöjjön el, és több, hogy lassan csökkentse az általános stash-ot. Nem rendelkezem semmilyen típusú költségekkel, mint önmagunkban az évenként, de az egészben megteremti, itt egy természetes mintázatot látok – hajlamos vagyok megfékezni a tavaszi / nyári hónapok költségeimet, valamint az őszi rámpát / Tél. as well as if there’s one thing I’ve taken away with me from the blog with all the hauling, panning, trashing, as well as purging – the cycle never ends!

Tetszik neked? Ellenőrizze ezeket a dicsőséges hozzászólásokat:
• Hauluary: 2016 (first after No-Buy, nail polish, more nail polishes, MAC, Winners finds), 2017 (bath, makeup & skincare, nail polish, refrained from doing yet, Hautelook), and 2018
• birthday hauls: 2015 as well as 2016 (pat on the back, I didn’t haul for my birthday in 2017)
• Optimális pontok visszaváltása: 2015, 2016 és 2017
• Sephora VIB sales: spring 2015, autumn 2015, spring 2016, autumn 2016, spring 2017, and Fall 2017
• Fekete péntek: 2015 No-Buy Edition, 2016, 2017
• K-Beauty Hauls: 2016, Jolse, valamint 2017
• Mac: 137 ecset, Vissza a Mac 2015-hez, végül ingyenes rúzs, és vissza a Mac 2016-ra
• Az internetes szállítmányokban: diszkontráta áruház, AliExpress, Karácsonyi ajándékok magamnak, Miss A, valamint Smink Geek, Glossier
• Tárolja a szállítmányokat: Hudson öböl, nyertesek, H & M szépség és Nordstrom

Tartja a sminkkészletet? Milyen sminkes osztályozással rendelkezik a legtöbbet?

Ossza meg ezt:

Kattintson erre a haverra (új ablakban nyílik)
Kattintson ide a Pinterest megosztásához (új ablakban nyílik meg)

Kattintson a Twitter megosztásához (új ablakban nyílik meg)
Kattintson ide a Tumblr megosztásához (új ablakban nyílik meg)

Kattintson a Reddit megosztásához (új ablakban nyílik meg)

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100 napos no-buytoday az én hivatalos 100 napom nem vásárolnám! * Konfetti dobása * Az én nem vásárolnám, elsősorban arra összpontosított, hogy nem vásárol a smink / bőrápolást a szabályaim szerint (nincs webes új termékek, hacsak nem kell feltölteni egy kitöltött terméket). Alacsonyabb mértékben ugyanúgy szenteltem, hogy ne tegyen szükségtelen ruhadarabokat. ÉN…
Április 29, 2015 “szépség”

New 2017 Focus: No-Buy-Low-Buy HybridSo, it’s resolution time! A 2016-os évre szóló éves kisvásárlási összefoglaló fogalmával játszottam, de ha az utazás mellett eleget tettél, akkor ez összefoglalható, mint ez: jó szándékú. 😉 I did begin out well early in the year however I got myself in…
Január 2, 2017 “szépség”

Szeptember 2016 Alacsony vásárlási elszámoltathatósága úgy döntött, hogy nem csinál egy szemétállományt (ürítések) közzététele szeptemberben, mivel így hátrányos helyzetben van a hozzászólások, de határozottan szeretnék megragadni az elszámoltathatóságot a hónapban. Itt van néhány olyan termék, amely hozzáadott a Stash-hez: Frissítéshez, szeptember hónapra, én …
Október 7, 2016 “szépség”

It’s been a while considering that I last did an update on my buying accountability – the last one was method back in August, actually!  That was to cover June as well as July spending, to ensure that indicates I haven’t talked about exactly how August to October went. Those 3 months were my No-Buys months, in preparation for holiday spending.  I’m delighted to report that those 3 months I was as well hectic to believe about makeup.  At very first I was missing the buying however I got utilized to it – I even went to a L’Oreal storehouse as well as walked away with just bar soap:

I got 4 bars of the Kiehl’s carefully exfoliating Body Scrub Soap in Coriander. It’s the restricted edition by Kate Moross, which is from this year, it seems? One is already in use, as you can see. I paid $8 each for these.

So a pat on the back for me!   But, we’re right here to talk about November!  I essentially did all of my buying concentrated between the Sephora sale as well as Black Friday.  In addition, I chosen up random bits. A great deal of random bits:

There were just so lots of offers to be had… exactly how might I resist?

Sephora autumn Sale:

Read details here.
$100.  I only count the Surratt clean toward my overall as the other products (deodorant, clean heads, as well as sponges) are replenishment.

Fekete péntek:

Read details here.
$140.50. I did not count any type of of the replenishment products from The deal with shop as well as Kiehl’s.

Optimum points Redemption:

Read details here.
Zilch. got these on points!


The Ordinary

No discount rate on these products however I’ve been wanting to try this line for ages as well as lastly I had a requirement to replenish my vitamin C serum. They are so fairly priced anyway.

• The regular Serum foundation in 2.0N – $6.70
• The regular Ascorbyl Glucoside option 12% (vitamin C) – $12.90
• The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% – $7.90
I will be mixing the ferulic acid with the vitamin C to make my own Skinceuticals C E Ferulic concoction…

And, exactly how adorable is this. The liner at the bottom of the Deciem buying bag:

“Turn me” was doing a lot of offers in the week leading as much as Black Friday as well as I gotten some vitamins as well as added this to my cart:

• Maybelline SuperStay much better Skin Concealer in Light / medium – $6.59
I truly like the corresponding foundation so I hope the concealer is great too.

Rexall was clearing a lot of Milani products from their screen so I suspect they may be downsizing the area to make space for something else.

• absolute length & curl Mascara x3 $5.00 each
• Milani Eye tech perfection liquid liner in Black – $7.06
• Milani Baked blush in Corallina – $6.16
I’ve had that absolute mascara before, it makes a great mascara topper to keep smudges at bay.

Toronto Barber & appeal supply (TBBS) is my go-to regional store for the current nail polish collections so when I caught wind of the Essie wintertime collection online, I had to run out to get hold of the star shade… however of program I walked out with a lot more stuff:

• Essie Social-Lights – $7.99
• China Glaze Sin-Derella – $2.99
The Essie Social-Lights was the primary polish that I was after however when I rummaged with their sale bin, I discovered the China Glaze polish in Sin-Derella from the Halloween collection!  I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it ever considering that I saw it on fivezero’s blog!  Here’s exactly how the 2 compare side-by-side – they both are grey base with flashes of colour:

Essie Social-Lights is a darker grey with coppery shift, whereas China Glaze Sin-Derella is a lighter grey with a pink shift. Both extremely pretty!

• China Glaze Slay Bell Rings – $2.99
• China Glaze Queen Please! – $2.99
The Slay Bell Rings is really a brand new release from CG for the holidays however I discovered it in the sale bin – score!

• OPI DS reflection – $5.99
• OPI Gimme A Lido Kiss – $5.99
Found these at Winners while buying for gifts ( ) – Winners has been a bit of a miss for me however I was delighted to discover these.

In the bottle, the shade Gimme A Lido Kiss (on the right) might have some pink shimmers?

• OPI turn on the northern Lights – $5.99
I saw this shade on Maaike of Floating in Dreams’ blog as well as I had to search it down!  I handled to discover this at Marshalls. These kinds of polishes with the contrasting flashes of shimmer always gets me excited!

• Nailtiques formula 2 – $24.25 for 15ml
Since I completed my Orly Nailtrition last month, I needed a replacement for a nail treatment as well as the Nailtiques has been on my to-try listing for years. I was reminded of this product once again on short nail Swatcher’s blog as well as made a decision to provide it a whirl. I bought this off

• Tweezerman ProMaster Lash Curler – $10
I discovered this at a Zwilling J.A. Henckles store – I see that Sephora offers this for $28.  I’m always curious a szempihentető curlers, valamint én ezt a sok szeretett szempilla curler ellen, és ez egy rendkívül hasonló forma.

Elkaptam a szélet, hogy az helyszíne 80% -os tartózkodási állományukat törölte ki:

Szóval anyákkal mentem:

Stock kép, tekintve, hogy nem éreztem, mint a beállítása az enyém, de ha szeretné látni a régi cselekedet, lásd itt. Eldobtam, hogy egy személy, valamint az alaplemezek eltörtek, és rosszul tartják az őrült ragasztó.
• Benjabelle tiszta fa eredeti – $ 44.99 $ 9
• Benjabelle tiszta fa spinner – $ 14.99 $ 3

• Színkapcsoló Proband – $ 29.99 $ 6

Tartalmaz egy kettős végét.

A készlet 787 duettszálas nagy kúpos keverés, 942 ferde kontúr, 959 porkeverés, 934 precíziós rejtegető, valamint 778 nagy árnyék
• BDellium eszközök öko-barát Bambu ásványi 5 darab tiszta készlet – $ 44.99 $ 9

• BDellium eszközök öko-barát Bambu 710 Eye Liner – $ 8.99 $ 1.80
• BDellium eszközök öko-barát Bambu 708 Bent szemceruza – $ 8.99 $ 1.80
• BDellium eszközök öko-barát Bambu 769 szögletes kontúr – $ 22.49 $ 4.50
• BDellium eszközök öko-barát Bambu 936 CONCEALER – $ 9.99 $ 2
• BDellium eszközök öko-barát Bambu 953 Duet Fiber Alapítvány – $ 15.49 $ 3.10
• Bdellium eszközök öko-barát Bambu 955 duett szál befejezése – $ 16.99 $ 3.40

• BDellium eszközök 959 Studio Powder keverés – $ 18.50 $ 3.70
• BDellium eszközök 991 Studio Fan Clean – $ 29.99 $ 6
• BDellium eszközök 764 Studio erős szögletes homlok – $ 10.99 $ 2.20
• MANÓ. Fontos foltos szem szivacs X2 – $ 3.98 $ 0.80

• nedves n vad színű ikon szemhéjfesték egyetlen pimasz – $ 4.99 $ 1
• Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Singles Cica – $ 4.99 $ 1
• nedves n vad színű ikon szemhéjfestés kombinációja a meztelen valóság – $ 7.99 $ 1.60
• NYX sötét kör rejtegető fény – $ 7.99 $ 1.60

Ez a zsákmány 329,80 dollárt érték volt, de csak 66 dollárt fizettem! Amellett, hogy ingyenes szállítás volt!

300 dolláros költségvetési tervet dolgoztam novemberben, valamint még a Tallying nélkül is, meg tudom mondani, hogy teljesen felrobbantott! Az átláthatóság érdekében azonban válasszuk meg a matematikát.

Ha megemlítettem, amit novemberi szépségben kaptam, 773,34 dollár lenne. Kiemeltem azokat a termékeket, amelyeket a novemberi elszámoltathatóságomra számítok (kizártam a feltöltési bőrápolást, a mascarasot, a szivacsokat, valamint a testápolást). Összességében 377,94 dollárra vonatkozott, ezért 77,94 dollár voltam a költségvetésem felett. Azonban nem tudod elutasítani, hogy ebben a hónapban néhány figyelemre méltó ajánlatot kaptam! Pontosan hogyan volt a költsége novemberben?

Ossza meg ezt:

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Október 2016 Alacsony vásárlási elszámoltathatóságEz az első hónap, hogy visszajövök a fekete, figyelembe véve, hogy a túlterhelés a júniusban. 108,32 dollár volt. A fiú, mint a fiú, töltöttem minden egyes fillért! Nem sok, hogy nézd meg azonban az egyik ilyen termék, amelyet a teljes összeg 80% -át tett ki. valamint ó, igen, …
November 4., 2016 “szépség”

New 2017 Focus: No-Buy-Low-Buy HybridSo, it’s resolution time! A 2016-os évre szóló éves kisvásárlási összefoglaló fogalmával játszottam, de ha az utazás mellett eleget tettél, akkor ez összefoglalható, mint ez: jó szándékú. 😉 I did begin out well early in the year however I got myself in…
Január 2, 2017 “szépség”

November 2016 Alacsony-megvásárolta az elszámolhatóság. November Alacsony-Buy sokkal több volt, mint egy go-buy … Úgy értem, mit várok? Sephora Vib eladó és fekete péntek – Miért kellett együtt lenniük a pontosan ugyanazon a hónapban? Ugyanúgy, mint a győztesek, valamint az Avon. : oops: Sephora vib eladás Haul csak sminkelemeket számít, …
2016. december 6. “szépség”

July was my “Low-Buy” month which coincided with my birthday month (it was no accident, I orchestrated it so that I was able to haul for my birthday ), so the floodgates were open and I especially went to town with online orders.  Here are the 3 online sellers I purchased from:

Makeup Geek, charm Bay, and Glossier!  It was my first time ordering from Makeup Geek and Glossier. For reference, I live in Toronto, Canada and costs will be stated in Canadian dollars (CAD) unless otherwise noted. As an “international” customer from many online sources, it’s always a challenge when it concerns shipping time and costs from a Canadian perspective – here’s what I purchased and my experience.

Makeup Geek

• blush pan in secret Admirer $10 USD (this is noted as to be discontinued so I just had to get it)
• blush pan in XOXO $4 USD (this was in their damaged section but it is in mint condition!)
• Foiled Eyeshadow pan in Mesmerized $10 USD
• Duochrome Eyeshadow pan in Steampunk $6 USD
• Duochrome Eyeshadow pan in Mai Tai $6 USD
• Eyeshadow pan in Barcelona beach $6 USD
• makeup Geek travel vault palette $13.00 USD

I finally got my paws on some mug goodies! By the way, I clicked through TheMakeupCase’s link to place my purchase (it’s on her sidebar).

Here are the pans all snug inside the palette:

I believe the palette could fit one much more eye shadow – now I kick myself for not getting one much more (had my eye on the shade “Prom Night” but just how numerous taupe eye shadows does one person need? It’s the greatest mystery of élet! )

Szállítási adatok:
Ordered: July 9th
Shipped: July 11th
Received: July 17th
Source: Jackson, MI (USA)
Shipping cost: $6.99 USD, no totally free shipping offer
Prices shown as USD on site, taxes not included

The shipping was fast and problem-free – I did not get dinged on taxes / customized fees (my total concerned $83 CAD). The packaging was stellar both in function (box was compact and items were wrapped in tissue) and in form (sleek black box with metallic logo sticker on the outside, and hot pink tissue paper inside).

Beauty Bay

• Anna Sui Eye & face Colour Angel Feather in A700 Mouton $13.30
• Anna Sui face Colour in 301 Apricot Peach Garland $18.70 (on clearance)

I purchased these primarily to fill out my Anna Sui compact! I noted these Anna Sui eye shadows in my last favourites and I’m very pleased to add one much more shade to round out my collection:

The blush was on sale and I like how this eye and cheek palette can be good for weekend travel.

Szállítási adatok:
Ordered: July 10th
Shipped: July 14th
Received: July 31st
Source: Manchester (UK)
Via: Česká pošta Prioritaire (it was really odd that this was shipped through Czech post but the return address is in the UK)
Shipping cost: totally free with minimum $25 purchase; otherwise $6.50
Prices shown in CAD (converted from £), taxes not included

I’ve purchased 2 other times from charm Bay and all the shipments take 2 weeks minimum to arrive. I’ve always kept the total below $100 and have not had issues with taxes / customs. The size of the shipping box was bit outrageous – for 2 tiny items – I could have fit a pair of shoes inside that box!  But, at least it was very well padded inside with lots of paper.


• Balm Dotcom in Coconut $15
• Milky Jelly Cleanser $22
I wanted to dip my toes into this brand so I stuck with only 2 items (there’s a totally free shipping offer with any 2 items purchase).  I read so numerous online reviews to narrow it down to these 2. I was also eyeing the Cloud paint and the Generation G lipstick.

Szállítási adatok:
Ordered: July 23rd
Shipped: July 24th
Received: July 28th
Source: Mississauga, ON (Canada)
Via: DHL
Shipping cost: totally free shipping with any 2 item purchase; regular shipping is $8
Prices shown in CAD and all applicable taxes included – this makes sense because the storage facility is – surprisingly – a local source.

Miért köszönjem meg! Flattery will get you everywhere.
When I learned that Glossier is finally shipping to Canada, I jumped at the totally free shipping offer.  Shipping time was quick given that Mississauga is only about 30 minutes away from Toronto.  Technically, I only paid for 2 items but when I opened the box, I was greeted with a lot of extras, plus a sample of their Priming Moisturizer.

This brand really has their image firmly controlled – no detail is overlooked; from the carton to the small extras like the reusable bubble wrap zip lock pouch, to the stickers, to the postcard – they all yell “I’m trying very hard!”

And their efforts are paying off – I can be purchased with freebie stickers. Könnyű vagyok.

Tada, all the goodies together!
Overall, the mug and Glossier shipments were exceptional – very quick and packaged extremely well. charm Bay was a bit disappointing but I do like that they offer totally free shipping at such a relatively low dollar minimum (most sites require $50 minimum purchase for totally free shipping) and they stock some hard-to-find brands. A jövőben minden 3 webhelyről visszavásárolnám.

Megvásárolta ezeket az online webhelyeket, vagy megpróbálta az általam kapott elemeket? Melyek a preferált online áruházak a Charm termékek vásárlásához?

Ossza meg ezt:

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Hauluary 2018 – online OrdersThese are an accumulation of online orders from because late December until now… Some parcels were shipped from local sources while others came all the way from China and Japan. 🙂 • Covergirl Outlast marad hihetetlen 3-in-1 alapítvány 932 meztelen bézs – $ 15.49 $ 9.06 • torta tej készült …
2018. február 22., “szépség”

Megapost: customized palette SystemsI’ve had this post brewing for months and finally dusted it off because of the recent debate with Z Palette. Ha nem tudsz róla, olvasd el itt, itt, és itt. Um Igen … Total Gong show. : o Z paletta valószínűleg a leginkább ismert minden nagyobb …
Március 13, 2017 “szépség”

Első Miss Miss A (z) Márciusi elszámoltathatósági hozzászólásomban (Kanadába történő szállítás) az én márciusi elszámoltathatósági hozzászólásomban utaltam, hogy valószínűleg elhagynám a Miss A-tól a $ 1-es keverési szivacsokra. És itt van! Soha nem hallottam a Miss A-ről, amíg az ázsiai varázsa, aki megszállottja, aki elmondta nekem ezeket a szivacsokat. Azok számára, akik nem …
Április 26., 2017 “szépség”

Today I’m reviewing and comparing 2 BHA exfoliants:

• CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid
• Paula’s choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid Exfoliant

I’ve been a long time devoted customer of Paula’s Choice – I just checked my account, my first order from her was in 2011!  My favourite products from her are the chemical exfoliants – they just work and are well-priced. So what prompted me to try something else?

I guess I would chalk it up to curiosity and increased availability of alternatives. CosRX has been making a name for itself for effective yet affordable skincare so I had to give them a whirl.

First, a brief background what BHA exfoliants are about and how I use them: BHA stands for Beta Hydroxy Acid.  The primary ingredient for BHA is salicylic acid. It is a chemical exfoliant that is oil soluble and penetrates deep into pores to clear out sebum, dead skin and dirt. In order to be effective, BHA must have a pH between 3 and 4. BHA exfoliants are typically most suitable for oily skin types – some BHA formulations can be drying on the skin. My skin is combination with oilier t-zone and dehydrated skin on my cheeks and under eye area. I’m most blemish-prone on my chin area. I have sensitivity to a variety of ingredients and my skin doesn’t tolerate harsh physical exfoliation, but I usually tolerate chemical exfoliants quite well. I typically use BHA only at night, applying right after I’ve washed and toned my skin – then I wait about 15 minutes before applying other face products like serums and face moisturizer.

Here are my thoughts and comparison of the 2 BHA exfoliants.

CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

I bought this a few months ago based on rave reviews online. I’ve used BHA on and off over the years and lately I’ve been needing to use it nightly especially on my t-zone to combat blemishes. I thought I knew what I was doing until I started using CosRX…

The product has a scent which I can’t identify (like white glue?) but isn’t offensive to me. It has the consistency between water and an essence – I find the best way to apply onto my face is directly with my fingers rather than onto a cotton pad.

First night’s initial application: I used 3 pumps and spread all over face. Within the hour, my face turned red and felt hot to the touch and was slightly throbbing. My cheeks remained pink and warm for the next 24 hours! But, my skin felt very smooth. The next night I applied the liquid only to my t-zone where it tolerated it much better but my skin was still turning quite red on the areas where I had applied the product (the SO to me: “what did you DO do your face? It’s so red!” )

By the third night I reduced down to just 2 pumps spread very thinly on my forehead and nose, and more concentrated on my chin where I’m most oily and blemish-prone. My skin continued to look smooth and my active blemishes on my chin were reduced. In addition, my skin also started to slough off and peel.

I should note that I did not use any other exfoliants – chemical or physical – during my first two week trial with CosRX. Finally, after a couple of weeks of using this, I used my Up&Up exfoliating Cotton Rounds (review here) and sloughed off a whole layer of skin, primarily from my chin and nose area. My skin felt incredibly smooth and the pores were so clear! now I’ve been using this for over a month every night and my skin has mostly acclimated to it – no more bright red skin or burning sensation. but I only ever use this on my t-zone.

CosRX contains 4% Betaine Salicylate, which is the first time I’ve been this ingredient used as a BHA rather than Salicylic Acid. It is a natural BHA (made from sugar beets) and claims to be more effective than Salicylic Acid. I’ve read mixed thoughts on this – that Betaine Salicylate is more gentle and weaker than Salicylic Acid – so it might be why CosRX has bumped the concentration up to 4%. The Blackhead Power liquid concoction also contains niacinamide* (brightening) and sodium hyaluronate (aka hyaluronic acid, for hydration – presumably to combat the drying effects typical of BHA).

Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Water, Butylene Glycol, Betaine Salicylate, Niacinamide, 1,2-Hexanediol, Arginine, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol.

* note that since this contains niacinamide, it’s not advised to be use with vitamin C products. The combination of the 2 negates the effects of each ingredient (although, I have read that with modern formulations it’s not an issue – I don’t know who to believe!)

Overall, I do like this BHA product, but it’s not a miracle worker to prevent blemishes. I still get blemishes but I do find that my skin clears up more quickly. Where I find this product to excel is to keep my pores looking clearer especially around my nose area. So if you’re not experiencing active blemishes but want to keep your pores clear, this product is ideal for that purpose.

This is how much I used in a month.
This retails for $21 USD (approx $28.80 CAD) for 100ml and I purchased it on sale for $15.75 from

• Effective
• No sticky residue
• absorbs quickly
• Pump bottle
• correct pH level
• also contains niacinamide and hyaluronic acid for additional benefits
• inexpensive / affordable

• has an odour
• may be irritating to those with sensitive skin
• note readily available (must be ordered online)

Stash érdemesség: 8/10

Bottom line: caution using this if your skin is sensitive!

Paula’s choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid Exfoliant

The packaging is very simple – there is no outer box, just a safety seal over the twist off cap.
Paula’s choice offers the BHA in 3 different delivery modes: liquid, gel or lotion as well as different concentrations ranging from 1% to 9%. I’ve only tried the liquid and gel and I prefer the liquid since I found the gel to leave a sticky residue. The liquid version does still leave a shiny finish but it’s not an issue for me since I only use BHA exfoliants at night time.

The formula is watery and the best way to apply it is using a cotton pad. I used to apply this with my fingers but I found that I was able to achieve a more even application using a cotton pad. This BHA product has no odour that I can detect. Unlike the CoxRX, I’m able to use this all over my face including my cheeks without any issues. In fact, I never experienced any burning sensation with this product even when I used it initially some years ago. I do like that I am able to use this on my cheeks where I sometimes experience the random clogged pore. I’ve never had peeling or dramatic sloughing off of my skin using the Paula’s choice – just a steady gentle exfoliating effect.

This product works well for me to keep my skin smooth and clear but again, it’s not a miracle worker in preventing blemishes altogether. The main gripes I have of this product are that since I need to apply this using a cotton pad, I do waste a bit of product. And, without a pump, it`s more challenging to control the amount of product I use each time. Also, the price keeps increasing and it now costs $29 USD (approx $39.80 CAD) for a 118ml bottle. recently there was a massive sale on this item, knocking the price down to $19 USD (approx $26 CAD). Now, if this was the regular price, I’d be 100% on board with it!

Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid Exfoliant ingredient list:

Water (Aqua), Methylpropanediol (hydration), Butylene Glycol (hydration), Salicylic Acid (beta hydroxy acid/exfoliant), Polysorbate 20 (stabilizer), Camellia Oleifera leaf Extract (green tea/skin calming/antioxidant), Sodium Hydroxide (pH balancer), Tetrasodium EDTA (stabilizer).

I must say, I always like how Paula’s choice lists the ingredients with explanation of what each ingredient is for.

Lately I have been purchasing the clear regular strength Anti-Redness exfoliating solution With 2% Salicylic Acid in place of the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid Exfoliant (shown here in my February trash Stash) because it’s $2 cheaper and I find they work the same. In fact, I think the clear product feels even better on my skin since it includes glycerin and hyaluronic acid for more hydration. I’m thinking I’ll try the Paula’s choice BHA lotion one of these days to see if I like that delivery method better. You can read more on Paula’s choice site on choosing the right BHA for you.

• Effective
• gentle / non-irritating
• correct pH level
• Odourless
• available in various concentrations and formats

• drágább
• No pump on bottle
• Not readily available (only online)

Stash érdemesség: 8/10

Bottom line: great starter BHA without any frills.

I’ve rated both equally, and I can’t definitively recommend one over the other! Going head to head, CosRX BHA Blackhead Power liquid against Paula’s choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid Exfoliant:

• effective in keeping pores clear
• correct pH level of 3 – 4
• Do not prevent blemishes entirely
• Can only be purchased online

• CosRX has a pump bottle while PC is just an opening (+ CosRX)
• PC is odourless while CosRX has a smell (+ PC)
• CosRX is less expensive (+ CoxRX)
• PC can be used all over my face without irritation (+ PC)
• CosRX looks / feels better on the skin (+ CosRX)
• PC is offered in various formats and BHA strengths (+ PC)
• CosRX is made in Korea whereas PC is made is us (neutral)
• 4% Betaine Salicylate vs 2% Salicylic Acid – I’m not sure if these 2 ingredients’ concentrations can be compared directly so it’s a draw

Another limiting aspect of the CosRX for me is that it contains niacinamide which prevents me from using my vitamin C serum at the same time. I guess for some people, the inclusion of the niacinamide is a bonus, but for me, I wished the product just focused on the BHA without any bells and whistles. Which brings me to: The ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution:

It’s a basic formula and I’m planning on trying it next. It costs $4.90 CAD which seems ineXpenzív, amíg nem láttam, hogy csak egy 15 ml üveg. Összehasonlítani a többi 2 BHA exfoliants-hez:

És vegye figyelembe, hogy mind a cosrx, mind a PC rendszeresen eladódik, míg a rendes nem. A Cosrx rendszeres áron még mindig a legolcsóbb opció. maradjon velünk…

Ön a Bha Exfoliants rajongója? Mit használsz? Megpróbálta a Paula választását vagy a Cosrx-t?

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